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Body types

Observation and study of body types allows for seeing beyond the ego, which creates a false and imaginary image of who I am, what are my convictions and preferences, what are my principles, what are my beliefs, and so on …

Body types cards

Using questionnaires to study something beyond the ego is impossible because the ego itself answers the questionnaires, and the ego is neither interested nor able to see beyond its own lies.

Moreover, the ego is made up of different and opposing particles, so each time we are asked we will get different answers, sometimes quite contradictory.

So there is no point asking the person himself, he is not even aware of his lies, and unable to see the contradictions that occur in his inner world.

Most people get confused by simple questions like “Are you active or passive,” or “Do you see the half empty or full glass?”

When a person learns the subject of the body types, he meets and knows his ego and later reveals his essence, and reveals how subjective his vision and perception are. He learns that there are different types and each has a different perspective and perception.

This creates the possibility of trying to see things differently and beyond the boundaries of his own type.

Before presenting the concept of body type, we must recognize and understand the division of man into essence and ego.

“The whole inner life of man, all his perceptions and reactions are divided into two. The essence – the things that are born with us: physical characteristics, tendencies, preferences, etc.

Ego – all those concepts acquired by man imitating his life: opinions, views and more … “

There are many methods that deal with the investigation of the ego, and present a division of different types of ego. These methods deal with the “psychology” of the ego, and the division takes place according to different types of psychology. On the other hand, because we want to expose, understand and nurture the essence of man, not what he imagines himself! We will not deal with psychology first, but we will identify it according to its type of body.

In other words, in the first stage, we can identify different groups of people according to their unique appearance – physical characteristics. Every body type has its own characteristics and psychology. Once we identify the type to which he belongs, we can immediately determine his “real” qualities.

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