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Center of gravity

By observation, one can see another important thing - our center of gravity. Each of us has one dominant energy center. According to this dominant center, we can divide humanity into four groups: Instinctive, moving, emotional and intellectual Human beings.

1. Man of Earth (Pentacles) - instinctive.

2. Man of Fire (Wands) - moving.

3. Man of Air (Swords) - intellectual.

4. Man of Water (Cups) - emotional.

I would like to expand the concept of the division of humanity a bit. But I must add that the full division is a division into 7 categories of people: when we discuss the four groups we have already mentioned, we are actually discussing the human beings who can develop but are still at the same level which is represented by The Fool card (according to my interpretation).

The man of Earth (Pentacles) and the man of Fire (Wands) can be treated as a single group. It is a person whose center of gravity is at instinctive/moving center; that is to say, it operates from the instinctive or movement center. His entire world revolves around instinctive and moving functions: everything related to health, food, comfort, sport, money and so on, will always be the center of his life. The intellectual and emotional centers in this person are less dominant.

The man of Air (Swords) is the intellectual man. His center of gravity is the intellectual center. He is being conducted from the intellectual center. His world will be connected to intellect, ideas and theories, philosophy, and so on... His emotional, instinctive and moving centers will be less dominant.

The man of Water (Cups) is a person whose center of gravity is the emotional center. Which means that he acts from the emotional center. His whole world is feelings, people, relationships between him and the environment, love and hatred and so on. His instinctive, moving and intellectual centers will be less dominant.

Human beings are born as intellectual, emotional or moving and instinctive. They are born with a dominant energy center. Some can live a lifetime without significant spiritual development and die in that state.

And other people can encounter a significant factor that can help them develop spiritually and become a conscious person.

The developing person differs from the other groups we have already talked about by the fact that he knows himself. He understands himself. By observing and working on himself, he tries to become a conscious, awake or enlightened person. His spiritual development is more important to him than anything else in his life. The developing person was not born that way, he was an ordinary person who could be associated with any of the groups. The difference is that at some point in his life, something has changed, and he realized that he could develop. This is not about a person talking about development, or any person practicing meditation or dealing with the occult. In this case, he is a person who actually started with true inner work and has already begun to develop.

A self-conscious person is an individual who has acquired unity and self-consciousness. One of the high centers is already active within him. It is said that this is the natural state of man, but for many reasons, man has deteriorated to a much lower level of development.

A man developed and conscious in every aspect - here we are dealing with objective consciousness. He has already acquired a fixed “I” and free will. He is not at risk of losing what he has already acquired. There is no point in discussing it at this stage because it is something that is distant and incomprehensible. A man who reached this stage went all the way from “The Fool” card to “The World” card. It can be said that this stage contains two levels of development.

The higher centers - apart from the four lower centers - that is, the instinctive, the moving, the intellectual and the emotional - there are three more centers. The sexual center, and two other higher centers, which can be called a higher emotional center, and a higher intellectual center.

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