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Earth (Pentacles) The Instinctive center

Ace of Earth - The Instinctive center

All the components of the instinctive center are fully active from day one. Its function, in general, is the protection and maintenance of the human machine and the continuity of the race. It is responsible for all the internal activities of the human organism. Although it is more closely associated with the functions of the body, it is also partly responsible for human psychology. When it comes to spiritual development, the instinctive center does not even accept it, and as far as he is concerned, it is a waste of precious energy.

The instinctive center does not need attention at all, its parts work mechanically without paying them any attention. Most of the things that are attributed to the supernatural are the functions of the instinctive center. Because the functions of the instinctive center are so complex and incomprehensible, it would be irresponsible to try to interfere with its functions. If we change one of its particular functions, it will also be necessary to change its other functions, since all of its functions are closely related and operate in a relatively balanced manner.

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