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Eight of Fire (Wands)

Arcane Glyphs Tarot

The Eight of Fire (Wands) is a part of the King of Fire (Wands) so the King’s qualities can be added to the interpretation.

The Eight of Fire (Wands), stores movements learned by the Ten of Fire (Wands),

for rapid retrieval and further learning.

When the Ten of Fire (Wands), busy learning new physical or "mental" movement,

or inventing something new, it stores partial insights in the Eight of Fire (Wands).

Thus, later in learning, he can pull out the partial insights out of Eight of Fire (Wands),

instead of learning everything again from scratch.

Eight of Fire (Wands) - Arcane Glyphs Tarot

That is to say, the Eight of Fire (Wands) store inside him, movements that have not been fully learned.

These movements are in the process, they are still in the air, they are not yet born.

Also, if the Ten of Fire (Wands) is supposed to deal with learning new and complicated movements

that have not been learned, the Eight of Fire (Wands) can deal with problems that he has already met

and that requires less attention and effort.

In general, the Eight of Fire (Wands) have the ability to solve movement problems.

He has inventiveness, spatial vision, the ability to relate a part of a structure to his whole.

But compared to the Nine and Ten of Fire (Wands), his abilities are less impressive.

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