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Five of Fire (Wands)

Arcane Glyphs Tarot in color

The Five of Fire (Wands) is a part of the Queen of Fire (Wands) so the Queen’s qualities can be added to the interpretation.

The Five of Fire (Wands) is a bank of movements that favored by the Queen of Fire (Wands). The Five of Fire (Wands) are responsible for the mechanical retrieval of those movements.

Five of Fire - Arcane Glyphs Tarot

The Five of Fire (Wands) also responsible for restless and nervous movements, and in his way, busy with various competitions.

The Five of Fire (Wands) takes risks related to movement, mechanically and without attention.

The Five of Fire (Wands) will copy and mimic simple movements, mechanically - unconsciously.

The Five of Fire (Wands) tend to move more than usual.

If the six of Fire (Wands) are constantly busy with his movements, because he enjoys it, the Five of Fire (Wands) are constantly busy with the movements regardless of the pleasure.

Because the Queen of Fire (Wands) is constantly changing her interest in the world of movement, her movement bank - the Five of Fire (Wands), is filled with different movements from different areas, and with movements that are not properly studied, which seems to be a mess in the function of the Five of Fire (Wands).

Or you could say that this is a movements-conflict.

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