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Four of Water (Cups)

This part, like all parts of the Page of Water, functions mechanically and does not require attention and effort.

Four of Water - Arcane Glyphs Tarot

This is the intellectual part of the Page of Water (Cups).

Like all the cards with the four digit, the Four of Water (Cups) is also a bit isolated. Unlike his friends Two & Three of Water (Cups), the Four of Water (Cups) seem to prefer less hustle and less company around him.

He prefers to preserve his emotional energy and will be more picky about his company. He avoids superficial relationships with too many people.

Sometimes he can react suspiciously and fearfully when meeting other people.

And all this is not because he is a snob; The Four of Cups (Water) has a basic ability to create deeper connections, and a basic ability to understand other people. That is why he would prefer to give up a company that offers too shallow a relationship.

Sometimes he prefers a small circle of people And ignores other emotional possibilities.

Four of Cups - Tarot of Self Reflections

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