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Nine of Air (Swords)

The Nine of Air (Swords) is the emotional part of the King of Air (Swords). The Nine of Air (Swords) enjoys ideas, words, concepts, and theories. 

Unlike the Six of Air (Swords), The Nine of Air (Swords), invests a lot of attention in all these activities. He will derive pleasure from dealing with certain ideas, and other ideas will bother and disturb him.

Arcane Glyphs Tarot – Nine of Air

Because the intellectual world is so important to the Nine of Swords, he will find himself immersed in intellectual and philosophical thought.  These thoughts may disturb his sleep and rest, and he will not stop dealing with them until he finds a reasonable solution.

This is the part of the intellectual function, which likes to learn.  Unlike the Queen of Air (Swords), who loves the idea of learning, Nine of Swords really love to learn.

Tarot of Self Reflections – Nine of Air

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