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Nine of Water (Cups)

The Nine of Water (Cups) is a part of the King of  Water (Cups) so the King’s qualities can be added to the interpretation.

Among the three cards associated with the King of Water (Cups), the Nine of Water (Cups) could be considered more emotional.

This emotionality is unlike the emotion of the cards associated with the Queen of Water (Cups), and is far more gentle and balanced.

Nine of Water - Arcane Glyphs Tarot

Since the Nine of Water (Cups) is relatively emotionally balanced and emotionally content, it is not easy to violate his mental stage.

When it comes to spiritual development, in his unique and calming way, the Nine of Water (Cups) is the one that is conducted more emotionally and passionately on this subject.

You could say he has a yearning for spiritual development.

If we say about the Eight of Water (Cups): ״The Eight of Water (Cups) is the section containing impressions, associated with high influences. These influences create within the emotional center, a mechanism that tends to seek additional sources related to high influences.” The Nine of Water (Cups) is very active in this search.

Like the Ten of Water (Cups), the Nine of Water (Cups) can observe relations between himself and between people who can either benefit him or harm him.

He enjoys refined impressions related to art, music and so on.

The Nine of Water (Cups) is creative with everything that relates to art.

He can be considerate and help others, regardless of what are their opinions on him.

He is compassionate and loves other people.

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