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Seven of Fire (Wands)

If we said about the Six of Fire (Wands):

"The Six of Fire (Wands) love to win in any field related to physical or mental movement, but on the other hand, he does not excel in anything related to hard training and perseverance in training, and when it comes to effort and difficulty, he will prefer to give up."

The Seven of Fire (Wands) can make a little more efforts. He is the part of the Queen of Fire (Wands) that is relatively trying to learn and perhaps continue what the six of Fire (Wands) started.

Since he also belongs to the Queen of Fire (Wands), his efforts are relatively weak, and he like the Six of Fire (Wands), does not like and can not exert too long and profound efforts.

On a basic level, he is responsible for solving problems related to movement. He can engage in basic creation of movement and a movement related to imagination. He is in charge of more delicate movements. The motivation to start engaging in movement, related to him and to Six of Wands.

Seven of Fire - Arcane Glyphs Tarot in color

The seven of Fire (Wands) also responsible for the enjoyment of movement, enjoyment of rhythm in motion, enjoyment of sports activity and ball games or any game that involves movement in general, but he will prefer more sophisticated sports and movement.

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