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Ten of Earth (Pentacles)

The Ten of Earth (Pentacles) is controlling all the energy in his possession.

He’s the one who decides where to send energy and who needs additional energy.

He is in charge of the body’s health, and he is the one who deals with the treatment of diseases and the fight against them.

Arcane Glyphs Tarot - Ten of Earth

The Ten of Earth (Pentacles) is not generous in giving energy; he preferred to store it for emergencies. He can be a good healer and engage in the occult.

He is responsible for the continuity of the human race.

The Ten of Earth (Pentacles) has a wealth of knowledge and memory that is related to all the periods of humanity’s existence and even more.

We are not aware of this memory, but our behaviors and perceptions are influenced by it every day.

The Ten of Earth (Pentacles) is also responsible for the conduct of a person in times of danger. He becomes active, pushes all the other functions aside and takes over the situation. He acts like an animal under attack. He injects adrenalin and is ready for a struggle.

The Ten of Pentacles is also responsible for functions that are considered as supernatural functions.

Unlike other cards of 10, he operates without any need for deliberate attention.

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