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The first level of the instinctive center

Page and Knight of Earth (Pentacles)

This is the part of the human machine which is active all the time. During sleep, and especially when it comes to deep sleep, all parts of all centers operate minimally or stop working, but the first level of the instinctive center remains fully active. It continues to function because it includes functions such as food digestion and absorption, breathing, circulation, cell formation, regular operation of all internal organs, reflexes and more.

Page and Knight of Earth (Pentacles)

People whose center of gravity are the Page and Knight of Earth (Pentacles) are people who are less concerned about the competitive world, and achievements are not their primary focus; they are more attentive to the internal need for relaxation than to present the appearance of winners in society. They reserve their energy, and devote most of their energies to what they consider healthy; their food will be healthy and balanced, and they will engage in sports to maintain their health. In general, these people will be moderate in their actions, calm and frugal and not the kind of people who seek extreme excitement. Others see them as passive and a little puzzling, because they will not find much interest in all sorts of ordinary occupations, and thus thought of as people who are difficult to know, to communicate or to understand.

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