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Nine of Fire (Wands) - Arcane Glyphs Tarot

The Nine of Fire (Wands) is a part of the King of Fire (Wands) so the King’s qualities can be added to the interpretation.

The Nine of Fire (Wands) enjoys the process of solving problems related to its function - movement.

Of course, this is not just a physical movement, but also a "mental" movement, or perhaps it can be called movements related to imagination, theory, and planning moves forward.

In the end, the practical application of those moves.

The Nine of Fire - Arcane Glyphs Tarot

We can get good examples of this kind of movement, in such areas as architecture, engineering, mathematics and more ...

The best example - trying to put together a product from its many parts, and being able to see in my mind, how things connect and can recognize how one part fits into other parts and what order it takes a few steps forward.

Of course, in these kinds of processes, The Nine of Fire (Wands) can face many difficulties and problems.

These difficulties only challenge The Nine of Fire (Wands) more.

The Nine of Fire (Wands) can work on solving these problems for hours and enjoy the process and the solution.

Solving these problems requires attention and great effort.

The Nine of Fire (Wands) is capable of great efforts of continuous attention as they try to solve a particular problem.

This is not a mechanical function that works without any attention.

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