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Three of Water (Cups)

The Three of Water (Cups) is an emotional part of the Page of Water. This part, like all parts of the Page of Water, functions mechanically and does not require attention and effort.

Three of Water (Cups) enjoys interacting with other people, social events, and nostalgia. Three of Water (Cups) will reflexively engage in gossiping. 

Three of Water – Arcane Glyphs Tarot

Although the Three of Cups enjoys interacting with other people, his relationships with other people will be superficial and basic. 

Three of Water (Cups) will always keep himself busy with other people.He will very much enjoy telling jokes.  He can be provocative, jealous and vengeful.

When it comes to social events, the Three of Water (Cups) will always be glad to be active: he will send greetings to birthdays and holidays, wish someone good health if necessary and participate in family events.

He was always able to say the right thing at every social event and always knew how to dress in a way that suited the occasion.

Because the Three of Water (Cups) automatically imitates other people, he will be particularly susceptible to influence when he finds himself in the company of other people.

Usually, he will be in one society or another, but the relationship between him and other people will be superficial.

Three of Water – Tarot of Self Reflections

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