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Two of Air (Swords)

The Two of Air (Swords) is responsible for everything related to memories, associations, labeling and so on. He serves as a repository of information that he collects. The Two of Air (Swords) stores and adopts opinions on almost every topic in the world, opinions he has heard from other people or that he encountered in books and newspapers.

Two of Air – Arcane Glyphs Tarot

The Two of Air (Swords) “enjoys” the use of ready-made expressions, slang, slogans, and clichés. He likes to memorize many pieces of information that he possesses. One of the functions attributed to the Two of Air (Swords) is formatory thinking, which is patterned thinking. This “thinking” is very limited and operates in the form of affirmation and negation- everything that isn’t white is black. This “thinking” does not distinguish all the gray shades that exist between white and black. Another example of patterned thinking is if someone thinks like me, he is right, if he thinks differently, he is wrong.

This card has nothing to do with true thinking, its functions work mechanically, without any effort.

He cannot draw conclusions and think, he works blindly and serves as a warehouse or information bank. This is why in different decks, the figure on this card is presented with blindfolds or closed eyes.

In her hands, she holds and crucifies two swords, which represent only two possibilities: yes and no, white and black… The crossing of the swords also indicates a blockage. This function deals only with theoretical information, partly true and partly imaginary. There is no point trying to explain and try to make her understand, it is not her job and she blocks these possibilities with the cross swords.


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