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Two of Earth (Pentacles)

Arcane Glyphs Tarot - Two of Earth

This is the part of the human machine which is active all the time. During sleep, and especially when it comes to deep sleep, all parts of all centers operate minimally or stop working, but Two of Earth (Pentacles) fully active. It continues to function because it includes functions such as food digestion and absorption, breathing, circulation, cell formation, regular operation of all internal organs, reflexes and more.

This is why in the familiar decks, a figure appears on this card, which is juggling with two coins and creates a symbol of infinity. That is to say, this function works unceasingly, regardless of storms that occur in the background. Once this function stops working, in most cases it is death.

All its parts work mechanically and without attention. In general, intervention in this function, or an attempt to bring attention to this function, can cause damage. If a person succeeds for some reason to change something in this function, he should change all the other parts associated with this function. Otherwise, there will be damage.

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