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Two of Fire (Wands)

This part, like all parts of the Page of Fire (Wands), functions mechanically and does not require attention and effort.

The world of Fire is connected to motion/movements.

The Two of Fire (Wands) is responsible for the memory of learned movements.

A new movement learned, internalized and well tried, by other parts of the moving center, and can now be performed by the Two Fire (Wands) without attention and concentration.

Those are of course exterior movement of the human machine, such as gestures, poses, walking, expressions, and more.

Two of Fire – Arcane Glyphs Tarot

To explain more, I can focus on a simple example - dance.

At first, when we learn to dance, the active parts in learning are 8,9 and 10 of Fire. Learning the dance is done when we must invest attention and effort. And at first the movements are clumsy, and there are mistakes and confusion. But after we've learned the dance well, we can dance without attention, it seems that the legs and body know exactly what to do for themselves! This is the function of Two of Fire (Wands).

The Two of Fire (Wands) is also responsible for movement reflexes, daydreaming, Imitating other people's movements unconsciously, and the ability to thrive in everything related to a routine.

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