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Two of Water (Cups)

The Two of Water (Cups) stores all the mechanical emotions, which are withdrawn without any attention. That includes all the behaviors that were conditioned by culture and norms. The Two of Water (Cups) always knows how to say the right thing at every social event. He automatically knows how to create a natural atmosphere between people, to carry out the mingling without strife and quarrels.

Two of Water – Arcane Glyphs Tarot

In general, it can be said that it represents the basic connection and communication between people; Ability to communicate with other people.

Although it is an emotional function, It's not about a deep bond or a romantic relationship.

When I talk about communication, I do not mean just about words and language, but the ability to make a basic emotional connection between people.

In familiar decks, we can see on this card the Staff of Hermes - “Caduceus”, which signifies commerce and negotiation, or in other words communication and basic emotional connection between people.

The hands of the characters in the card, creating in their posture the same symbol - “Caduceus”.

Two of Cups – Tarot of Self Reflections

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