Tarot of Sacred Realms
Original artwork - self-published deck.
This is a first and limited edition!


At this point you will be able to find explanations about Tarot of Sacred Realms in my blog:
1) https://wstarotcards.com
2) https://www.wstarot.com/blog

In the future, I intend to publish a full book, with additional materials.


This deck is different yet similar to other decks. 
It is different because it focuses on studying the person in all his aspects and explores the options for his spiritual development. 
One can say that the Tarot of Sacred Realms deck is a guide that gives us a unique method for a man’s development.
In the beginning, with the help of the Minor Arcana, the guide introduces us to man’s four functions: The instinctive function, the moving function, the intellectual function and the emotional function. It teaches us how to observe and learn those functions, and thus learn how to know ourselves.
If we can see and recognize the multiple functions, we will notice the imbalance and chaos that characterizes their behavior. 

The guide continues to present us the Major Arcana, which discusses The Fool’s opportunity to release himself from his bonds and become free. 
The Fool goes through multiple stages which explain his situation and what he must do to ascend to awakening and enlightenment.

After all, and despite everything that has been said, everyone can use this deck as they see fit, according to more or less familiar methods. 
In the Tarot of Sacred Realms deck, you will find the 22 Major Arcana cards, from The Fool card to the World card. Additionally, you can find the Minor Arcana cards which include 4 series: Pentacles, Wands, Swords, and Cups – a total of 56 cards. Of course, every series is divided into court cards and number cards.

Everyone who is familiar with Tarot knows that there is a similarity between the parallel characters of the various decks, but there are also differences. Same is with the Tarot of Sacred Realms deck, in which you can find things that are similar to other decks, but there are also differences, and in several cards, those differences are more significant.
Simon Winebrand

The W.S. Tarot is an eighty (78+2) card deck created and designed by me - Winebrand Simon.
W.S. Tarot deck is made up of 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards, with additional 2 Information cards.
The cards are printed in full color and are made of high-quality paper.

Technical details:
Digital Printing.
No lamination.
Recycled Paper, with texture - 330g.
Rounded Corners.

These cards can be used for:
Personal and spiritual development, divination, fortune telling, Tarot readings, card games and more…

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!
THANKS! Winebrand Simon.

Tarot of Sacred Realms - limited edition!

  • You will receive:
    1. Tarot of Sacred Realms - 78 Tarot cards, 2.75” wide x 4.7” long (7cm wide x 12cm long).
    2. Cardboard package.


    Technical details:
    Digital Printing.
    No lamination.
    Recycled Paper, with texture - 330g.
    Rounded Corners.

    Tarot of Sacred Realms will be securely shipped in a sturdy cardboard to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.
    Estimated delivery time: 8 - 22 business days.