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W.S. Tarot book

W.S. Tarot book

The journey into an unknown existence

Tools for self-observation and spiritual development.
W.S. Tarot book is the gateway to understanding W.S. Tarot deck


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The Empress

   All phenomenon in every domain occurs as a result of a combination of the three forces: The active, the denying and the neutralizing. With regular observation, we can recognize only one force, which is the active force represented by The Magician, or the denying force represented by The High Priestess. An example of action by the two forces appears at the beginning of the Tarot cards when the active force awakens in The Fool and pushes him to begin his journey to acquire consciousness. And the denying force stops him by the next step. When The Fool begins progressing, he is focused only on the active force: what he wants to achieve and where he wants to get. He is not aware of the denying force, when it will appear and how it will stand in his way. Sometimes things occur in the opposite direction when The Fool can only see the denying force, the difficulties, the obstacles and the problems. In this situation, he doesn’t even notice and is not aware of the active force and doesn’t even begin his journey. There are several examples of this in the scriptures when God reveals himself to a prophet and gives him a task. At that moment the prophet can only see the difficulties and the hopelessness of this mission. Another example is of Joseph son of Jacob, for whom up to a certain point the denying force was very powerful.

   For various reasons, the neutralizing force is hard to grasp, and people do not notice and aren’t aware at all of that force. It is commonly believed that one force completely overcomes another and so the processes either cease or continue.
The denying force, which inhibits The Fool may either be misunderstanding, efforts to which he is not accustomed or habits which he acquired over a lifetime which pull him back from the journey to his normal life. Of course, there are much more causes, some of which are objective and some of which are particularly subjective. In this situation, we have a conflict between the two forces, the “will” to move forward against all the denying factors that awaken at the attempt to progress, which inhibit the progress.

   That situation is similar to a person hitting a concrete wall with his fist. The stronger he hits, the greater the resistance. He may eventually be able to crack the concrete wall, but the effort will considerably weaken him and prevent him from moving forward. Or the wall will remain intact, and the person will throw the towel and give up. To continue progressing, there is a need for a neutralizing force, which supports and strengthens the active force. In our case, The Empress card represents the neutralizing force.

"Man's development depends on his understanding of what he may receive and what he may give in return"
P.D. Ouspensky

   That is exactly what is represented by The Empress, plenty to which The Fool can arrive. We are not talking about material plenty, but about energetic plenty, about controlling, balancing and transforming that energy. The understanding that this is the situation which must be reached acts as a neutralizing force which supports and strengthens The Fool’s ambition to continue his journey. The cards will also address what The Fool has to give in return.

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