W.S. Tarot book, Paperback 106 pages.

The journey into an unknown existence - tools for self-observation and spiritual development.
W.S. Tarot book is the gateway to understanding W.S. Tarot deck.


“W.S. Tarot deck is different yet similar to other decks. It is different because it focuses on studying the person in all his aspects and explores the options for his spiritual development. One can say that the W.S. Tarot deck is a guide that gives us a unique method for a man’s development.
In the beginning, with the help of the Minor Arcana, the guide introduces us to man's four functions: The instinctive function, the moving function, the intellectual function and the emotional function. It teaches us how to observe and learn those functions, and thus learn how to know ourselves. 

If we can see and recognize the multiple functions, we will notice the imbalance and chaos that characterizes their behavior. The guide continues to present us the Major Arcana, which discusses The Fool's opportunity to release himself from his bonds and become free. The Fool goes through multiple stages which explain his situation and what he must do to ascend to awakening and enlightenment.”


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W.S. Tarot book, Paperback 106 pages

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    W.S. Tarot book, Paperback 106 pages.

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