I invite you to try W.S. Tarot Spread!
You can use any tarot deck and especially W.S. Tarot deck.
W.S. Tarot Spread is particularly accurate because it complies with universal laws.



Spread the cards in a circle, clockwise.
You can decide when to put the cards that represent the gaps: In order, with the rest of the cards. Or at the end after you have placed the cards 1-8.

Card - 1 represents the beginning, the source, the reason.
Cards - 2,3 represent the process in the past.
Cards - 4,5 represent the process in the present.
Cards - 6,7 represent the process in the future.
Card - 8 represents a new beginning: a process can not be completed without the beginning of a new process.

The first gap card represents the bridge that helps and supports the process.
The second gap card represents the termination of the process, and implies an action that can help us continue the process. In some cases, a card indicating the end of the process may be present at this point.


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