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Major Arcana - Tarot of Sacred Realms

The Fool is the hero of our story, and the story (Major Arcana) deals with The Fool’s journey towards balance and enlightenment.

The Major Arcana contains 22 cards, each card represents a stage in The Fool’s journey. Those stages contain within them many ideas, some of which point towards an action which The Fool must take, and some point toward obstacles, difficulties, and universal rules.

The Fool begins his journey and quickly realizes that his advancement has been halted.

He realizes that if he wants to continue his progress, he must advance on three levels at the same time.

Initially, the advance continues only on one level, but by the third station a second level appears, and in the sixth station appears the third level.

For instance, “The Emperor,” “The Hermit” and the “Temperance.”

Major Arcana - Tarot of Sacred Realms

It may be that so far, The Fool was not aware of the option to develop, maybe he was aware of it but not interested in it, or maybe he thought himself as developed. All of it doesn’t matter now because The Fool already took his first step and the journey began...

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