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Symbolism – The Moon card

The Moon card symbolizes the final phase before The Fool’s death. The Fool is already awake, but there are still some forces that hinder him and prevent him from dying and being reborn. He’s still affected by those forces that hold him tightly, which originate in the cave which he left behind.


At the bottom of the card, we can see the pool which we have already seen in “The Star” card from which a scarab emerges. Water symbolizes, working with emotions.


The scarab hinting at the possibility of a new life, death, and birth, arising from work with emotions (water), the transformation of the emotions into a more delicate form of energy, from which the real self will be created. (A high emotional center / Astral Body).


Both vertical lines or the two towers symbolize the boundaries. The Fool must cross them in order to die and be born again. In other words, this is the real and final departure from the prison to freedom.


As long as The Fool located within the boundaries symbolized by the towers, he’s still affected and ruled by The Moon.

Now The Fool also exposed to moonlight, which is a more powerful light, but it’s still not the light of the Sun.

According to some sources, the Moon controls all organic life on earth. It is the Moon which makes the most planetary influence on organic life, and it is in charge of how things run. The Moon is fed by the organic life which gets absorbed into it after death. In order to break free from moon’s grasp, The Fool must wake up, die and be born again. This way, he will pave his path and will be free from the Moon’s influence in his life and in his death.

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