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The Hanged Man’s words

The change everyone is talking about is not really a change; It’s just switching from one template to another. Of course, even changing a template is not simple and sometimes requires effort and suffering, but there is no freedom in this change. It’s like exchanging a cell in the same prison.

The Hanged Man – W.S.Tarot

In real change, there is no need to change. After all, how can a person change something in himself if he does not know himself? So, in the beginning, one has to know himself.

But how can a person know himself? Where to start? Is there a manual? Can that person learn something new about himself? After all, so far, he had lived in a kind of imaginary picture he had created for himself, in which he told himself many lies.

If he asks himself “Who am I?” What would he answer? Nothing at best, and lies on lies at worst …

Thus, a long time can pass, until the moment comes (and perhaps this moment will not come at all) and that person will understand in part that if he wants to know himself, and to change something within himself, he needs external help.

Ah, help, who can help me, the man will ask himself? Maybe a teacher, a man who was in his place and found his way to freedom? The same teacher can provide him with tools and a map that will help him create the change, and will advance him to freedom.

But what does it mean to learn from a teacher? To give me up, to trust, to restrain the ego, to take myself less seriously, to give up my world, my principles, my beliefs. “I do not want to give up on myself,” he would think. And who can really do all these?

No one can really do it, nor does it need to. There is a need for some “faith” not of the religious kind, a belief and self-confidence in myself. The beginning is simple, all you need is to get the right tools for self-learning, and try to use the same tools. If these tools are useful, and the person learns new things about himself, he can move forward. If the tools do not make any sense or create new lies, these tools do not suit him, he must leave and look for new tools. Maybe a group with people like him is needed? People who want to escape from prison to freedom. So maybe they will help each other in different ways?

When a person succeeds in knowing himself, that is, his imaginary picture, his lies, his fantasies, his ego, and more, then he realizes that all these are unrelated to him. Then comes the stage, that he can accept himself. And when a person accepts himself, he can separate from himself, that is, from everything that he is not.

It is not a sparkling illumination that takes place at the moment, and the person accepts and separates himself for good. Exception and separation are self-employment of a man at every moment. He must remember to accept himself and separate at any moment. This is how real change is created, and this is the way to freedom …

“There comes a certain stage in which a person must separate from his Fool. To separate from The Fool, he must accept The Fool as he is, without trying to change him. To accept his Fool, a man must know him well.  To know his own Fool, a man must learn his behavior. To learn his behavior, he must create situations which will allow him to observe his Fool. To create these situations, one should try to act against his Fool…”

W.S.Tarot Book / Winebrand Simon

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