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The symbolism of Arcane Glyphs Tarot

For example – The Sun card…

The Sun

It can be said that all the processes that The Fool went through, all the self-work that The Fool did, all of it was done to reach “The Sun” card. The Fool’s goal was to create the “real self,” or to give birth to the “inner child”! The child, who has already appeared in the “Death” card, is now revealed in “The Sun” card and symbolizes the birth of the “inner child” and the “true self.”

A high emotional center

While progress on the three levels, The Fool woke up, dead and now he is reborn. Of course, this is not the end of the development process, this is just another stage. This “inner child” is also referred to in various sources as the “Astral body,” and “The Sun” card indicates the birth and the attainment of the full functionality of the “Astral body.”

A danger to those who can be exposed to the Sun unprepared

This process is similar to human development: when we talk about human development, a gradual development has to be undertaken. If The Fool gets exposed to something he’s not ready for, it may cause harm, just like the light of the sun which can blind him. Therefore, we need to do it in phases. Initially, we need to expose him to the faint light of the stars, then to the stronger light of the moon, and only then to the light of the sun.


The realm of existence of the “Astral body” is limited to the realm of the Sun. Namely, it is limited to the Solar system. This restriction exists while the physical body is alive and functioning, and also after the death of the physical body. That is, even when the physical body dies, the “Astral body” continues to exist within the solar system. The existence of the “Astral body” is limited, and in the end, it also erodes, dies and disappears. We accept here a hint that it is necessary to have more than one inner child, to free ourselves from the laws that apply to the astral body. A “Mental body” is an example of another inner child, which is not limited to the kingdom of the Sun, and its existence continues even after the death of the “Astral body”.

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