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Tarot of Sacred Realms
Nominated for Best Self Published Tarot Deck!
By Carta International Cartomancy Awards 2022


Unfortunately, for the time being, it is not possible to make orders and purchases on this website. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

The idea to create a Tarot deck was born in my mind and heart sometime around 1994. For various reason, this attempt and all attempts that followed it failed one after the other. At some point, the idea of the cards was utterly neglected and my life led me to other subjects that are less related to Tarot. But looking back, this period provided me with many answers that are directly related to the subject. So in the year 2015, I made my fourth attempt at creating Tarot cards and this time around things worked out better. After half a year of daily work, the W.S. Tarot deck was born.



REMARKABLE! How is this deck still available?! Important things as a collector you must know:

1. packaged BEAUTIFULLY arrives as a GIFT. 2. Cardstock is like art paper, each image feels like an original work of art and they shuffle well, very light, resilient absolutely stunning. 3. Color palate is LUSCIOUS. 4. Reads SO CLEARLY right out of the box (RWS influence is clear in the images). 5. Came so quickly I couldn't believe it. So much more than described, a real experience. I'm so proud to have it in my collection and thrilled to be reading with it. Get it while you can.


Tarot of Sacred Realms

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