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Eight of Earth (Pentacles)

The Eight of Earth (Pentacles) deals with the care of our internal physical systems.

When it comes to experiencing complex and new problems, which are not known at all, their treatment is conducted at the level of the Ten of Earth (Pentacles).

In the case of the Eight of Earth (Pentacles), the problems can be quite new, but already after experience and familiarity of the problem.

Arcane Glyphs Tarot W/G - The Eight of Earth

It can be said that the Eight of Earth (Pentacles), is the part whose job it is to internalize the way of handling our physical systems.

Since he already knows and practices these abilities, he can activate these abilities in a more "mechanical" way, with less attention.

It seems that he has prepared the solutions to the various problems in advance, and now he only has to come up with the appropriate solution to the problem.

The Eight of Earth (Pentacles) can be partially linked to the immune system.

In many cases, it is responsible for matching, or creating and storing appropriate energy, consumed by the Nine and Ten of Earth (Pentacles).

The Eight of Earth (Pentacles) are also responsible for internalizing all the other capabilities of the Nine and Ten of Earth (Pentacles).

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