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Three of Air (Swords)

Arcane Glyphs Tarot

Lack of attention

Paying attention - In the Hebrew language, “תשומת לב” - put your heart.

The whole range of emotional means invested in a particular action.

To create attention or awareness, it is necessary to put our heart into it, that is, to work with the heart, to invest emotional effort, effort with the heart.

In our case, as seen in various decks, the heart is neutralized.

Three swords pierce the heart, suggesting the death of the heart, namely the inability to create attention.

Three of Air (Swords) - Arcane Glyphs Tarot

Indeed, the Three of Air (Swords), operate mechanically, without any attention.

You can say that his actions are robotic and heartless.

The Three of Air (Swords) is responsible for everything related to memories, associations, labeling and so on.

He acts and responds to external stimuli. A conversation with another person or reading can be a stimulus. That is, external information, and the Three of Air (Swords) responds to it immediately, compares the new data with the existing database, and answers himself by expressing his “opinion” on the subject.

He can react to stimuli in different ways; one of his favorite forms is the formation of associations. This is also the case when a topic will lead to a different subject, again and again, until it becomes unclear how it surfaced and reached the last topic of the conversation. Associative thinking can occur, because like all the lower levels in all the centers, so too the Three of Air (Swords) operates automatically without any attention.

Another thing that suits the Three of Air (Swords) is an “opposite” reaction to other people’s words. If someone says that today is a beautiful day, the Three of Air (Swords) will react to it: “That is not the case, and yesterday it was much more beautiful.” Simply put, if someone says “yes,” the Three of Air (Swords) response will be “no”.

He enjoys engaging in unfounded and useless inventions.

One of the functions attributed to the Three of Air (Swords) is formatory thinking, which is patterned thinking. You can read more about it at Two of Air (Swords).

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