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7 of Water (Cups)

This is one of the cards that represent the Queen of Water (Cups).

This card is very complex and instructs on different things, or so things seem.

The 7 of Water (Cups) is more economical concerning emotional energy. He is capable of quickly perceiving and analyzing other people. He can see people’s emotional needs and in many cases, understand how to help others. He has the Basic ability to see what’s important, what is useful and what is harmful to him.

But in other cases, it indicates confusion, or imbalance. It's about a person who is always looking for excitement, and when he finds something exciting, he immediately starts looking for something new that is more exciting. He has a fantasy that there is always something more exciting, and he must get it.

He can be a person with strong religious convictions and feelings associated with morality.

The problem is that in many cases, it is only fantasies, hallucinations, or only blind faith. In these cases morality can also be distorted, and all religiosity becomes the unceasing judgment of other people who do not fit the same morality.

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