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Air Element Meditation

Air Element

Arcane Glyphs Tarot

It is recommended to perform this meditation only after the first two steps of the 4/5 elements meditation.

Close your eyes and breathe naturally for a few minutes. Turn your attention to thoughts and try to stop them.

Stopping thoughts is an excellent exercise, but here we will try it only so that we can see how our minds are full of thoughts and imagination. After a while, we will notice that there are more loud and quiet thoughts, overt and hidden, and they all run on their own. It takes only the slightest stimulation and immediately a reaction of hundreds of confused thoughts is generated.

Of course, this is not a simple task; Observing our thoughts is an extraordinary effort, and we must be patient and try this practice many times before we can do it properly.

After we see the variety of thoughts, dreams, and imagination in our heads, we will try to surf on the same thoughts, as on waves (instead of drowning in them). We will focus on one thought, which is conducted on its own, and follow it, and after it dissolves, we will think it again, but this time consciously!

We will repeat the exercise with different thoughts for about 10 minutes.

I will try to make the exercise even clearer: Imagine yourself as a TV screen that every few seconds display a continuous sequence of images. It is your mind full of the same thoughts and imagination. Try to look at those sights, if they disappear as soon as you turn your attention to them, wait a second for a new bundle of thoughts. After you've focused on a picture, just look at it, and after it has faded, put it back in your mind, on the same TV screen. Be focused while you create the thought again.

Practice the exercise every day and occasionally try to prolong the exercise time. Regardless of the above practice, try to observe at your thoughts no matter where you are, with whom or at what time and in what situation. Whenever you remember the possibility of observing, do it.

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