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Each center is divided into three levels

The cards that represent the energy centers are the Aces. If we want to give a more focused look at the functions of the centers, we will use the royal cards. If we want to focus more, we will use the number cards.

For example: Let us choose one of the centers, say the intellectual center. The card representing the intellectual center is Ace of Swords. In general, the activity of the intellectual center is related to functions such as discussions, ideas, the comparison between them, thoughts, the invention of imaginary explanations, or real explanations. The world of people who are centered on the intellectual center revolves around intellect, ideas, theories, philosophy and so on. If we want to have a better understanding of the intellectual center, we will have to observe at it closely, at a higher resolution. When I talk about observation, the intention is to observe inside, and each of us with the right tools can observe and verify that knowledge.

This way we can identify that the intellectual center is divided into three different parts, which can be said to consist of three levels. To be more precise, it actually has four levels, but since the first and second level can be treated as the same level, it will be easier and simpler to reduce the number of levels to only three.

- The lower level is represented by the Page and the Knight.

- The middle level is represented by the Queen.

- The upper level is represented by the King.

It can be said that the functions of the first level are the moving and instinctive functions. The function of the second level is the emotional function. The function of the third level is the intellectual function. Thus, it can be said that each center is divided into three levels, the moving/instinctive level, the emotional level and the intellectual level. Later, we can have an even more focused and deeper look, and we will find that each level is also divided into three levels of its own:

- The first level- the Page and the Knight, is made up of cards - 2, 3, 4.

- The second level- the Queen, is made up of cards - 5, 6, 7.

- The third level- the King, is made up of cards -8, 9, 10.

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