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Fire (Wands) – The Moving center

Ace of Fire

The moving center is in charge of all external movements. Unlike humans, most animals are born with a well-developed moving center. Since the day they are born, they can perform a variety of movements, such as walking, running and so on. Over time they learn to perfect the movements and add new ones. Other animals are born with a less developed moving center, and in their early days, their functioning is limited.

At birth, it can be said that the movement center of human beings is not active, and the baby has to cope and learn all the movements. These are the external movements of the human machine, such as gestures, poses, walking, expressions and so on. The moving center is also responsible for the memory of all the learned movements.

Other functions related to the moving center and are usually associated with energy waste:

– The creation of dreams.

– Imagination.

– Daydreaming.

– Talking with oneself.

– Talking for the sake of talking.

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