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Nine of Earth (Pentacles)

The Nine of Earth (Pentacles) is responsible for functions that are considered as supernatural functions, such as the ability to read thoughts or predict the near future, to see auras move objects without contact, intuition and so on. The Nine of Earth (Pentacles) is a very charismatic person, he creates the impression of a mysterious and distant man, and able to create a barrier between himself and other people. He grants access only to specific people. 

Nine of Earth – Arcane Glyphs Tarot in color

The Nine of Earth (Pentacles) can influence and control other people. Usually, he makes contact with people who are willing to enter under his influence and control, this symbolizes the falcon that rests on his hand; his eyes covered with cloth symbolizing the servitude and readiness to be controlled.

The falcon also symbolizes energy intended for spiritual work and development, but just as the Nine of Earth (Pentacles) know how to “hunt” the right people, he also knows how to “hunt” the energy for spiritual development, and use it for his own needs.

Strangely enough, the mechanical basis behind what has considered our psychology lies in the Nine of Earth (Pentacles). Much of our perception of the world and the society in which we live derives from it: competitiveness, status and more …

The Nine of Earth (Pentacles) also can take part in alternative medicine and treat other people. 

Nine of Earth – Tarot of Self Reflections

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