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Six of Water (Cups)

This card represents the emotional part of the Queen of Water (Cups).

The Six of Water (Cups) has an urge to be in the center of attention and the need to be loved. He has a sophisticated sense of humor. He can notice people’s emotional needs, and in many cases, he can understand how to help others.

Six of Water – Arcane Glyphs Tarot

The Six of Water (Cups) has strong religious convictions and feelings associated with morality. He is very interested and preoccupied with the actions of other people. His main concern is relations between people.

Like the other six cards, the Six of Water (Cups) also suffers from instability. The Six of Water (Cups) experiences changes in mood which tends to alternate between extreme positivity to extreme negativity. Swapping moods can occur unexpectedly and for no reason. The two cups, which are on the upper part of the card, represent the emotional instability; positive vs. negative, or stormy vs. relaxed.

The Six of Water (Cups) must constantly produce strong emotions. For example, he will create an argument or a quarrel only for the sake of arguing, just to express emotions.

Since the Six of Water (Cups) world and his imagination are related to people, he will usually focus a feeling of hatred or love on a particular person whom he will deeply hate or love. Even if that person disappears from his world, he will find another subject to love or hate, just in order to continue and express strong feelings.

Six of Cups – Tarot of Self Reflections

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