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Ten of Air (Swords)

Arcane Glyphs Tarot in color

The Ten of Air (Swords) is the intellectual part of the King of Swords. In most cases, this part is inactive most of the time. This is why in the Ten of Swords cards, in some of the familiar tarot decks, there is a figure stretched out on the ground with ten swords on it. That is, this figure is dead or dysfunctional. To activate this part the person needs to consume appropriate energy, or in other words a more gentle fuel, suitable for the activity of this part. In addition, this part requires great effort and attention to function.

In case this part is active, it is in charge of creation, discovery, invention, the relation between ideas, formulation of ideas, Creating the whole of all its parts, as well as deliberate and independent thinking independent of stimuli. The 10 of Air (Swords) is able to think and reach real conclusions. He is the only one who knows that he does not know. 10 of Air (Swords) does not rush to release statements on the subject he is being asked about. He will not answer the question until he has thoroughly examined the subject. The 10 of Air (Swords) is studies intellectual ideas and tries to understand them.

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