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Ten of Fire (Wands)

Arcane Glyphs Tarot in color

This card represents the intellectual part of the King of Fire (Wands).

Unlike the lower court cards and the cards that represent them, this is the function that requires much attention and effort. If other functions begin to act only with external stimuli and do not need attention and efforts to continue their activities, then in this case, great effort and attention are required!

This is why in most of the familiar decks, one can see in this card a man carrying a heavy burden on his shoulders. This is a sign of the great effort that must be invested in order to activate this function and the great effort in its activity.

Since this is not mechanical action, which is done without any attention, in this case in order to keep the burden, it is necessary to invest most of our attention.

The 10 of Fire (Wands) is responsible for the learning of movement. He can find the easiest way to complete work. He is inventive, has a spatial vision and can see several steps ahead. The 10 of Fire (Wands) act carefully and attentively. When it comes to complex, delicate and complicated works that involve movement and requires attention, the 10 of Fire (Wands) will be the one to do the job. When he is learning, he acts in a manner that is cumbersome, tentative, cautious, and slow, which requires a lot of attention. Therefore, the 10 of Fire (Wands) is considered slow, hesitant, and clumsy.

The 10 of Fire (Wands) can work as an engineer, architect, designer and computer man and so on. He is well versed in space and can recognize how one part fits into other parts and what order it takes a few steps forward.

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