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Ten of Water (Cups) – Arcane Glyphs Tarot

The Ten of Water (Cups) has a profound understanding of what is good or bad for him concerning his spiritual development.  The Ten of Water (Cups) is the only one who is interested in self-work and spiritual development. He can lead to higher states of consciousness, and is the one responsible for spiritual self-work and the efforts it takes.

Ten of Water – Arcane Glyphs Tarot

He can also see, in relationships with people who can benefit or harm him. The energy of the Ten of Water (Cups) is quiet and calm energy.  The Ten of Water (Cups) can understand what can benefit others. He does not yearn to be understood all the time, like the Six of Water (Cups), he tries to understand for himself.

The function of emotions on the top level of the emotional center requires attention and awareness.

The Ten of Water (Cups) will generally prefer an aesthetic and calm environment. He can control other centers that oppose the possibility of developing.

It is said that the conscience resides within the Ten of Water (Cups). The function of conscience is to guide what’s right and what can benefit man’s development.

Although conscience is always present and always shines, most of the time we cannot locate the light of the conscience. The light is weak, and we miss and easily confuses it with the rest of the fake, imaginary lights, that might look so impressive and even radiant with greater intensity. In case we learned to notice our conscience, we must try to act according to our conscience.

What is conscience? And how is it different from morality?

Conscience is a state in which a person sees and feels everything he feels at that moment. In other words, there will inevitably be a lot of conflicting emotions such as self-pride, fears, nothingness, self-confidence, and so on… The conscience knows how to overcome the many lies and the many mechanisms that are created over time to preserve our sleep and our lies. It penetrates through all of these and points to the true and correct thing about us, concerning “spiritual” development. Conscience is related to our essence, it is not artificial.

Morality, on the other hand, is an artificial mechanism that created during our lives. It’s not uniform like a conscience and is directly tied to upbringing and ego, that each person develops. Morality is directly influenced by the environment. What’s moral in China is not necessarily moral in Europe and what’s moral in Europe is immoral in Africa, what’s moral in Africa is immoral in Arab countries, what’s moral in one class of society is immoral in another and vice versa. For example, in Arab Countries, a blood feud considered acceptable and moral, while in Europe it is considered extremely immoral.

Morality is an artificial phenomenon, which is built from limitations and various demands, some of which have a point at their base, and some of which are utterly meaningless. 

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