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The first level of the emotional center

Page/Knight of Water (Cups)

In this part of the emotional center are stored all the automatic feelings, which are drawn without any attention, all the behaviors that were conditioned by culture and norms. If we live for a while in a foreign country where the standards are different, the Page/Knight of Water (Cups) will continue to respond according to norms that are familiar to him reflexively, and his response will be out of place or even considered inappropriate in that country. This way, we can make a very effective observation of him. Because the Page/Knight of Water (Cups) automatically imitates other people, he will be particularly susceptible to influence when he finds himself in the company of other people.

Page/Knight of Water (Cups)

A large crowd of people can be drawn into the emotional state of a Page/Knight of Water (Cups). For example, when we are in a concert, a football game, a reunion or a demonstration. In other words, it is the herd effect.

Friends will usually surround a person whose center of gravity is in the Page/Knight of Water (Cups). In special cases, this part can react suspiciously and fearfully when meeting other people. A typical Page/Knight of Water is a happy and positive person when he is interacting with other people.

When it comes to social events, the Page/Knight of Water will always be glad to be active: he will send greetings to birthdays and holidays, wish someone good health if necessary and participate in family events.

He was always able to say the right thing at every social event and always knew how to dress in a way that suited the occasion.

A Page/Knight of Water automatically knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere between people, to carry out the mingling without strife and quarrels. A Page/Knight of Water will automatically engage in gossiping without any ability to comprehend that this can be harmful to others in any way. He’s always preoccupied with other people.

A Page/Knight of Water would be very happy to tell jokes. He could be very loyal to a sports team, like a football team, and enjoy team sports. He can be provocative, jealous and vengeful. Usually, when he encounters a stimulus like a baby or a puppy, his automatic reaction will be along the lines of “how cute!”

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