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The first level of the moving center

Page and Knight of Fire (Wands).

This part of the moving center is responsible for the memory of the learned movements – these movements are carried out automatically, mechanically and without giving any attention. The Page/Knight of Fire (Wands) has a very limited ability to learn new movements and imitate movements.

Page and Knight of Fire (Wands)

It is also responsible for pointless movements, uncontrolled movements, avoidance of collisions, and return to equilibrium. Of course, all the functions of the Page/Knight of Fire (Wands) are completely mechanical movements, like an automatic pilot, who can make many complicated movements without giving it any attention. Movements such as walking, riding, bringing the spoon to mouth, tying laces, driving, typing and so on. These movements are carried out without any attention. For example, when I ride a bike, I can feel difficulty, feel the wind and calculate the way I have to go, think about where I want to go, and so on. But I’m doing all this without paying any attention to the leg movement required for riding, or my balance. When I type something, I notice the ideas and the words, but I do not pay any attention to the typing fingers. If I try to concentrate on the keys and start thinking about where some key is, I’ll get confused immediately. When I’m driving, if I start to think which pedal is the gas or the brake, I’ll immediately get confused.

When one learns new movements with the help of the King of Fire (Wands), he invests significant effort and attention. But after these movements have been learned, they are passed on to the Page/Knight of Fire, and he uses them automatically without attention.

People whose center of gravity is a Page/Knight of Fire find the routine very enjoyable, they enjoy action, movement, and fixed tasks that can bore or distract another person. They are very efficient and are able to persevere. A person whose center of gravity is a Page/Knight of Fire is someone who can excel in his work. If it is a routine job, he is an excellent performer. Page/Knight of Fire will not change jobs or places of residence very often. Usually, he will continue to work or live in the same place for many years.

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