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The second level of the emotional center

The Queen of Water (Cups)

The Queen of Water (Cups) has a high perception and quick discernment, and she can be fast in assessing other people. She can notice people’s emotional needs, and in many cases, she can understand how to help others. The Queen of Water (Cups) is always anxious to be at the center of things. She has a more sophisticated and delicate sense of humor than the Page/Knight of Water (Cups). Typically, the Queen of Water (Cups) will be a person with strong religious convictions and feelings associated with morality. The Queen of Water (Cups) always feels that she lacks something, that she needs something new and exciting, this does not mean that she lacks something, she just enjoys the feeling that there’s something else she’s missing. The expression of negative emotions such as greed, cynicism, ridicule, cruelty, stubbornness, toughness, malice, jealousy and vengeance is associated with the Queen of Water (Cups).

Queen of Water (Cups)

When the Queen of Water functions improperly, she is preoccupied with identification, judgment, and obsessions about what other people think of her. The Queen of Water is very interested and engaged in the actions of other people. Her primary concern is interpersonal relations.

Usually, she will find something wrong with other people’s actions and often, she will come to the conclusion that people should be punished for their wrongdoings, which she finds incompatible with her high moral values. She would search through the private lives of others, hoping to find a conduct which she disapproves. Queen of Water can be fanatical when it comes to religion.

A man whose center of gravity is the Queen of Water experiences swings in his mood, as the Queen of Water tends to alternate between extreme positivity to extreme negativity. An excellent example of this can be found in Lewis Carroll’s book “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, in the character of the Queen of Hearts.

The Queen of Water lives in an emotional world and must constantly produce strong emotions. For example, she will create an argument or a quarrel only for the sake of arguing, only to express emotions. Since the queen’s world and her imagination are related to people, she will usually focus a feeling of hatred or love on a particular person whom she will deeply hate or love. Even if that person changes or disappears from her world, she will find another subject to love or hate, just in order to continue and express strong feelings. The same goes for other areas such as politics, society, work, relationships and so forth. The Queen of Water has an urge to be in the center of attention and the need to be loved.

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