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The second level of the instinctive center

Queen of Earth (Pentacles)

It is the part responsible for our senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. The Queen is also responsible for senses that can detect dryness or wetness, heat, and cold, or determine the approximate weight of a particular object. Additionally, she is in charge of everything that has to do with pleasant, unpleasant or uncomfortable sensations. Examples of sensations include: whether food is delicious or disgusting, whether or not it’s comfortable to sit, whether a garment is comfortable or overbearing and so on. The Queen of Pentacles can be exposed to addictions. She becomes addicted to everything that pleases her and distanced herself from all that is unpleasant.

Queen of Earth (Pentacles)

Humans whose center of gravity is the Queen of Pentacles are people who will always make sure to create a pleasant, comfortable and homely environment for themselves. They are likely to be preoccupied with things like interior design, and their home will be designed to create the same pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. Other things that might interest them are fashion, fine food, cosmetics and so on. Usually, they try to create the same pleasant and comfortable feeling for themselves everywhere, whether it is at home, in their car or in their office.

Another feature of the Queen of Earth (Pentacles) is instability. Anything that can create unpleasant sensations can transform the Queen’s psyche state in a matter of seconds, turning her from a wonderful and pleasant person into an intolerable one. Unlike the Page/Knight of Earth (Pentacles), the Queen of Earth (Pentacles) can be very extreme. She can be “ignited” and be very interested in external stimuli, and just as quickly she can lose interest.

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