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The second level of the intellectual center

The Queen of Air (Swords)

This part of the intellectual center is responsible for: a desire for knowledge, contentment and, satisfaction with knowledge. A desire to understand more, the satisfaction of learning and the enjoyment of speech. The enthusiasm of the Queen of Air (Swords) is very different from the dry facts of a Page/Knight of Air. The Queen of Air (Swords) is passionate about information, ideas, and theories.

Queen of Air (Swords)

Like other Queens, the Queen of Air (Swords) also suffers from instability. She can be very excited about a subject, give it time and attention, study and research it, and then suddenly for no apparent reason this issue will begin to bore her, and the Queen will move with the same enthusiasm to another subject.

One of the greatest stimuli of the Queen of Air (Swords) is books, so the Queen of Air (Swords) is especially excited in bookstores or libraries. She could get excited by one book or another and buy it right away. But then, at home, when the Queen of Air (Swords) is less active, the interest in the new book is also lost. The book can find itself on the library shelf for a long time without being read. Even if the Queen is still enthusiastic about the book, but concludes that the reading is not very simple and requires efforts to understand and continue to read it, she immediately loses interest. Most of the learning on subjects that are intriguing and interesting to us is done by the Queen of Swords or at least the beginning of learning. Other subjects, which are not interesting and need to be studied without curiosity, are taught by the King of Air.

A man whose center of gravity is located in the Queen of Air loves to learn. He enjoys being involved with people in learning groups. When he is among friends, he creates with his enthusiasm an atmosphere of curiosity and desire to learn, which is why he is desired not only as a friend but also as a teacher. The Queen of Air usually will not enjoy a and in-depth inquiry which is related to scientific research, but she can be a successful teacher who can excite her students. Queen of Air is very curious, she can be interested in many different subjects at the same time. One can identify a person whose center of gravity is the Queen of Air, by bookshelves filled with many books in his home. But one must remember that only a few books were read in full because the Queen of Air can lose interest in a book halfway through it or even before. The Queen of Air enjoys speaking, and she will be happy to talk and exchange ideas.

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