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The second level of the moving center

Queen of Fire (Wands)

This part of the moving center is responsible for the enjoyment of movement, enjoyment of rhythm in motion, enjoyment of sports activity and ball games or any game that involves movement in general. This is also relevant to computer games, in which the player is not required to perform any movement himself, but the movement within the game attracts its attention. The Queen of Fire (Wands) is also responsible for restless and nervous movements, and of course, all the boastful, stylish and dramatic movements.

Queen of Fire (Wands)

A man whose center of gravity is the Queen of Wands is very passionate towards all kinds of sport. This does not necessarily mean that the person will excel in one sport or another since the Queen of Fire (Wands) is not very good at training and perseverance in training. She seeks to enjoy movement but when it comes to effort and difficulty, she will prefer to give up. Perseverance in the same field of sports bores her, and she does not have the self-discipline to persevere. Determination and discipline are more appropriate for the Page/Knight. The Queen of Wands tends to like risks, extreme sports excite her, the danger excites her. A person whose center of gravity is the Queen of Fire (Wands) can also enjoy watching movement. Movement is a stimulus that attracts his attention more than anything else.

In general, anyone whose center of gravity is the Queen of Fire (Wands) tends to identify very much with movement, move more than other people, and sometimes more than actually required. The Queen of Fire (Wands) will add something exaggerated, boastful, stylish and dramatic to her movements. She will be attracted to movement and sports where she can apply more of the same exaggeration and drama.

Another thing that characterizes all Queens in all centers is instability. The Queen of Fire (Wands) may be especially obsessive about a particular sport, say martial arts, and after a few training sessions loses interest in it and immediately begins to engage another sport with the same obsession.

The Queen of Fire (Wands) also enjoys long trips and trips abroad, she will not be satisfied with a short trip abroad but will continue to wander from place to place, and perhaps from country to country without extended parking. The Queen of Fire (Wands) suffers from a routine, a permanent place of residence and permanent work.

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