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The third level of the emotional center

The King of Water (Cups)

The King of Water (Cups) is the only card that is interested in self-work and spiritual development. He can be the entrance to high states of consciousness. He is the one responsible for spiritual self-work, and efforts it requires. The King of Water (Cups) is very patient and can persevere in his functions.

King of Water (Cups)

– He can be a good actor. – Creative in everything related to art. – He can be considerate and help others, regardless of their opinions on him. – Compassionate.

The King of Water (Cups) holds a deep understanding of what is good or bad for him concerning his spiritual development. He can also see, in relationships with people who can benefit or harm him. Unlike the vibrant energy of the Queen of Water (Cups), the energy of the King of Water (Cups) is a quiet and calm energy. If the Queen decides that her relationship with another person is harmful, she will cut off this relationship in a negative way, with a lot of drama and chaos. It would be tough to find a bit of common sense in all this turmoil. The King of Water (Cups) is not offended or judgmental. He merely identifies a relationship that can be harmful, and without making too much fuss about it, he decides to stop them.

The King of Water (Cups) can understand what can benefit others. He does not yearn to be understood all the time, like the Queen, he tries to understand for himself. In contrast to the Queen of Water (Cups) who wants to be loved all the time, the King of Water (Cups) gives love. The function of emotions on the top level of the emotional center requires attention and awareness.

A person whose center of gravity is the King of Water (Cups) will be difficult to identify as an emotional person because he is usually calm and a little remote. The King of Water (Cups) will often prefer an aesthetic and relaxed environment. The Queen of Water (Cups) will come to a show or concert to meet other people, while the King of Water (Cups) will come to that event to enjoy art and learn something.

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