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The third level of the instinctive center

King of Earth (Pentacles)

The king of Earth (Pentacles) is in charge of all the energy. He decides where to send energy and who needs additional energy. He is in charge of the body’s health, and he is the one who deals with the treatment of diseases and the fight against them. The King of Earth (Pentacles) is in no hurry to give energy and prefers to store it for emergencies. In some sources, he is described as a dragon that stores gold and jealously guards it. The King of Earth (Pentacles) does not accept the possibility of spiritual development. As far as he is concerned, it is a waste of precious energy. Therefore, he should not be expected to generously give this energy. One must act wisely and acquire this energy in cunning ways. It is very difficult to observe the King of Earth (Pentacles) because once he realizes that someone watches him, he finds various ways to avoid them. It can be said that the King of Earth is “aware” of himself, and unlike the kings of the other centers, he acts without any need for deliberate attention. The King of Earth is also responsible for the conduct of a person in times of danger. He becomes active, pushes all the other centers aside and takes over the situation. He acts like an animal under attack. He injects adrenalin and is ready for a struggle.

The king of Earth (Pentacles)

It is said that the King of Earth has a wealth of knowledge and memory that is related to all the periods of humanity’s existence and even more. We are not aware of this memory, but our behaviors and perceptions are influenced by it every day. The King of Earth is also responsible for functions that are considered as supernatural functions, such as the ability to read thoughts or predict the near future, to see auras, to move objects without contact, intuition and so on. When another person looks at us, the King of Earth senses it immediately and looks back precisely at the person who is looking at us.

A man whose center of gravity is the King of Earth can look like a mysterious and distant man as if he can create a barrier between himself and other people, and give only specific people access to him. He usually creates the impression of a person with charisma and can influence other people. Such a person is more alert than others. He will feel the need to control his environment and will be ready for anything. If he sits in a public place like a restaurant, he would always turn his back on the wall or the corner to have it protected and try to examine the surroundings, the openings to the restaurant and the people entering it.

He can be a good healer, engage in an occult, and at the same time he can also be energetically harmful and control other people in various ways. In times of danger, he can reveal particularly ferocious sides. Since the functions of the King of Earth often seem so wondrous, some people worship these functions and confuse them with spiritual development.

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