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The third level of the intellectual center

The King of Air (Swords)

The King of Air (Swords) is responsible for creation, discovery, invention, the connection between ideas, the formulation of ideas, merging by creating the whole out of its parts, deliberate and independent thinking independent of stimuli.

King of Air (Swords)

The King of Air (Swords) is different from the excitable Queen of Air (Swords) or from the Page/Knight of Air (Swords), who can pull knowledge immediately and automatically from his database. He is quiet, takes his time and moves very slowly. The King of Air (Swords) is the only part of the intellectual center that can truly think. But due to his slowness and hesitation, he creates the opposite impression. This is the part of the intellectual center that knows he does not know.

The King of Air (Swords) is in no hurry to release statements on the subject being asked, he will not answer until he has examined the issue in depth. Sometimes he answers a question after a long time, and the questioner does not even remember what he asked and for what he got the answer.

The King of Air (Swords) understands certain subjects regarding other subjects. It can be said that you cannot understand anything without the understanding its relation to related things.

A man whose center of gravity is located in the King of Air makes a strange impression. The same people who are confident that the Page/Knight of Air is an intelligent man are also sure that the King of Air is a bit confused and not very bright. They expect quick and clear answers and opinions, but the King of Air hesitates and replies after a long time. Sometimes his answers are difficult to understand and are labeled as answers that have nothing to do with the subject of the question. Usually, people whose center of gravity is the King of Air are quiet, hesitant people. If we ask them what their center of gravity is, they will answer after much thought that they do not know. The King of Air is capable of thinking and reaching real conclusions.

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