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The third level of the moving center

The King of Fire (Wands)

– This part of the moving center is responsible for ingenuity.

– The ability to find the easiest way to complete a job.

– The ability to properly complete a job.

– The ability to learn to imitate others not automatically, but voluntarily: voices, gestures, intonations. (Combined with King of the Cups, an excellent acting talent).

– Spatial vision and the ability to see several steps forward.

For example: Seeing a few steps forward in a game of chess.

– The ability to relate a part of a structure to its whole.

The King of Fire (Wands)

The King of Fire (Wands) is slower than the Page and the Queen of Fire (Wands). He acts carefully and attentively. When it comes to complex, delicate and complicated dynamic work that requires attention, the King of Fire (Wands) will be the one to do the job.

It can be the work of planning and build something complex, or careful and delicate work that requires attention. The King of Fire (Wands) excels in inventing new technologies or improving existing technologies. He understands how things are assembled and how they work.

If there is a need to put together something like a cupboard, the King of Fire (Wands) will understand how to assemble it and what is the purpose of each part. If the King of Fire (Wands) encounters a difficulty in doing his job, there will be a need for written instructions, which means that now we are trying to understand what needs to be done through the intellectual center.

If the Queen of Fire (Wands) is responsible for the “motivation” to start engaging in some kind of movement, the King of Fire (Wands) is in charge of learning a movement that we have not yet learned. If we’re talking about childhood, a baby or a child has to learn over and over again new movements from walking to cycling. Later he encounters increasingly complex movements. After the King of Fire (Wands) learns the movements properly, the memory and ability to perform these movements are passed on to the Page/Knight of Fire who knows how to carry out these movements automatically without giving it any attention. For example, when working with a complex computer application, the learning is done by the King of Fire because it requires a lot of concentration and attention.

The learning process is clumsy, tentative, careful, and slow, but once things have been well learned, the memory is passed on to the Page/Knight, who runs automatically without attention and activates the program without thinking how everything works, and the action is quick and smooth.

A person whose center of gravity is located in the King of Fire is a person deeply involved in work related to creating and improving technology. The King of Fire excels in tasks that require constant concentration and attention.

The King of Fire enjoys solving problems, and he will invest all his energy to solve them, no matter how much time it takes. He will not enjoy repetitive movements. He excels in ingenious inventions, but less interested in the use of the invention itself.

The King of Fire can work as an engineer, architect, designer and computer man and so on. He is well versed in space and can recognize how one part fits into other parts and what order it takes a few steps forward.

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