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The War of the Kings

Jacob and Esau

In the biblical story of Jacob and Esau, Jacob represents a certain part of the emotional center, and Esau represents a certain part of the instinctive center! Since energetic centers are divided into three levels, one can say that Jacob represents the upper level of the emotional center – the King of Water (Cups), and Esau the upper level of the instinctive center – the King of Earth (Pentacles).

The King of Water and the King of Earth

One of the functions of the King of Earth (Pentacles) is the health and preservation of the body. If the body is damaged and a certain disease is discovered, the King of Earth (Pentacles) is responsible for injecting energy into damaged parts. He is the one who fights diseases and their causes. He has the choice of what energy to invest, where and when. In many cases when it comes to the “secondary level” needs of the King of Earth (Pentacles), he will prefer to keep the energy to himself.

What does the King of Earth (Pentacles) consider as insignificant or secondary? Everything that is not related to his functions! Among all the secondary needs that rank even lower, there is man’s self-work and awakening that require a lot of energy.

A direct confrontation with the King of Earth (Pentacles) will lead to total failure. Therefore, a different and more cunning approach is required. The emotional center, or rather The King of Water  (Jacob), have the ability, to intervene and influence.

By satisfying the desires of the King of Earth, the quicker King of Water can sneak inside and steal the energy he needs…

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