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Three of Earth (Pentacles)

Arcane Glyphs Tarot.

It is very difficult to learn and notice the parts of the Page of Earth (Pentacles). That is Two, Three and Four of Earth (Pentacles).These parts are fully active from the first day of man, unlike other functions, which the person must learn and develop.

Three of Earth (Pentacles) - Arcane Glyphs Tarot

Three of Earth (Pentacles) is active 24 hours a day, just like the Two of Earth (Pentacles). The difference is that the Three of Earth (Pentacles) is more busy with physical system maintenance.

It is a monotonous activity, not in-depth tests and treatments. That is, the Three of Earth (Pentacles) perform an automatic check and repair of the system.

In the event of a more unusual problem, the Three of Earth (Pentacles) do not know and can not handle.

In these cases, the problem is addressed by other parts responsible for it.

Because the operations of the Three of Earth (Pentacles) are entirely mechanical and do not require attention and intervention, intervention in this function, or an attempt to bring attention to this function, can cause damage. If a person succeeds for some reason to change something in this function, he should change all the other parts associated with this function. Otherwise, there will be damage.

The Three of Earth (Pentacles) also represent people, who usually focus on what is related to the physical world.

They will deal with what is related to their physical bodies, healthy food, healthy living, energy-saving, and so on. Usually, their lives will be filled with rutin and simplicity.

The Three of of Earth (Pentacles) enjoys health care, and may even try to persuade and influence others to act like him.

Sometimes the Three of Earth (Pentacles) tends to exaggerate his health pursuits, and it can manifest itself in various forms, sometimes even hypochondria.

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