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COURT CARDS Suit of Cups (I have not created the knights yet …)

Cups – The emotional center

The emotional center is responsible for the world of feelings, the meaning of relations between objects, people, and ideas.

This part is sensitive to symbols and less to words, such as symbols and allegories that appear in parables, or visual symbols. The domain of the emotional center is humans and the relationship between them.

Suit of Cups

Our basic identification with ourselves and our imaginary picture is at the emotional center. The best way to observe it is by observing our responses to the comments we constantly get from other people. We can see how our emotional center is affected, insulted, or satisfied by these comments. The observation of the emotional center is not easy at all. It is faster than the other centers, so we will find it difficult to observe it with another center. Negative emotions make this observation even more challenging. It is said that negative emotion is an incorrect and artificial action of the emotional center. This function is not supposed to exist at all, and it develops artificially in parallel to the development of the ego. A negative emotion usually begins to form and grow from a very young age by mimicking negative emotions expressed by older people near the child. Negative emotion stops self-observation and impedes its continuation. The conscience is located in the emotional center.

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